Collection: Cheeses

 These are the finest cheeses that our family has been enjoying for the past decade, with the exception of ORIGIN's, they're a newer product to us but we are THRILLED about their Organic A2 Raw Cheddar and Organic A2 Mozarella.

Buying in bulk (5lb loaves of cheese and 2lb tubs of cream cheese) is where you'll find the savings, especially if you've been buying cheese from the grocery store. These cheeses have a 12 month shelf life and we always have 2-3 of the 5lb blocks in our fridge ready to slice or shred. Keeping it wrapped in plastic or reusable beeswax is the trick. If it's too much cheese for your fridge, choose a smaller option OR simply shred the cheese to freeze in sealed bags and thaw whenever ready to use. Do not freeze a whole block of cheese and expect to be able to shred it later, it will crumble; instead shred first, then freeze.

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