bulk sourdough sandwich loaves

Bulk Sourdough Sandwich Loaves

After loads of baking sourdough goodies like breads, bagels, pizzas, and everything else under the sun, I've finally found my go-to recipe for a big batch of mouthwatering sourdough sandwich loaves! This recipe yields four loaves, providing enough to satisfy our family of six throughout the week with peanut butter and jellies, grilled cheese, and the delectable accompaniment of toast alongside eggs in the morning.

If you don't need four loaves in a week, freeze them in plastic wrap and they'll thaw on the counter within a few hours. I usually put one loaf out and freeze the other three so they stay fresh for the week.

I trust that you and your loved ones will adore this loaf just as much as we do, not to mention it's a great way to utilize pantry staples like raw milk and a thriving sourdough starter!

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