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We take great pride in being a part of your family's wellness and lifestyle. With our own experience as a homeschooling family of six and full-time work loads, we truly understand the demands of a busy world. Our pickup service aims to simplify the process of filling your pantry and refrigerator with farm fresh goods that support a healthy life.

  • Stryk Jersey Farm

    Founded in 1940, Stryk Jersey Farm has been renowned for its commitment to producing milk products that meet the highest standards. Spanning over 300 acres in Schulenburg, TX, their dairy farm provides a spacious and natural environment for their cows to freely roam. At the heart of our offerings is their raw milk, which is an essential staple to every family's pantry.

    Learn more about Stryk Jersey Farm 
  • Dapper Goat Dairy

    Dapper Goat Dairy has been serving our community with the most delectable goat cheese since 2017. Situated in Waelder, TX, their dairy farm is a haven for Saanen and LaMancha goats. These happy goats enjoy basking in the sun on over 100 acres of picturesque land when they're not cozying up in their modern barn.

    Learn more about Dapper Goat Dairy 
  • Whitehurst Farm

    Located just outside of Brenham, TX, Whitehurst Farm is our trusted supplier of regeneratively raised food products. With an emphasis on sustainability and quality, they provide us with a diverse selection of pasture-raised meats. Their happy free-roaming chickens produce the freshest eggs while their organically grown produce ensures the highest standards of nutrition.

    Learn more about Whitehurst Farm 
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Questions? Here's what we get asked the most:

Can I place an order if I'm not a member?

Unfortunately not. We have an amazing system that works really well for us, our farmers, and our customers. In order to ensure a smooth process and to preserve what we do, we only accept orders from experienced raw milk drinkers who have completed our waitlist form and are welcomed as active members! Click here to find out more information about becoming a member.

What if I have never had raw milk before?

There's a first time for everything! Before filling out our waitlist form, please visit a reputable raw dairy farm (we are obviously biased to Stryk Jersey Farm) to have your first experience directly from the source. After doing so, if you'd like to access it through our service, feel free to fill out our form and we will be in touch. We provide this service for folks who have raw milk as a part of their family's regular diet and want to protect and preserve their access to it.

When and where are pickups available?

We offer a range of pickup options that occur every 2 weeks on a Sunday afternoon (typically between 12-4pm). These pickup locations are hosted by our wonderful 'host homes' where we provide pickup for our loyal members who have pre-ordered their farm goods.

Our current locations available are in:

  • Houston
  • Jersey Village
  • Tomball
  • Cypress

How are products transported and stored?

When the time comes to procure your coveted raw milk, we ensure that the process is nothing short of refined. The first step involves delicately withdrawing the raw milk from a spacious walk-in cooler at the dairy. Subsequently, it is meticulously transferred to an expansive ice chest situated on a flatbed trailer - our collection of ice chests is truly exceptional. To further preserve its pristine state, the milk is graced with a final layer of fresh ice and sealed securely. Without delay, these artfully assembled coolers embark on their journey from the dairy to the designated pickup location(s), where they eagerly await your arrival on the designated date and time.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of the fabulous Dapper Goat Dairy products each pickup week on the first pickup of each month. Just before Sunday pickups, they magically appear on Friday, chilling out in the refrigerator until it's time to hit the road. When that day arrives, they cozy up to their milk buddies in a cooler filled with ice packs, ready to embark on their delivery journey!

If it's a first pickup week of the month, we love to swing by Whitehurst Farm and snag your orders of their eggs, produce, and meat in the morning before making the deliveries. We handle them with care, leaving them with you exactly how they pack 'em.

What is required of me to become and remain an active member?

Our co-op is all about keeping it real, and we need your help to keep things flowing smoothly. To get in on the action, you gotta fill out our form and snag a spot on our waitlist. If you make the cut, you'll need to create an account on our killer website and follow all the instructions and guidelines to choose a membership option. They say it's a breeze!

Keeping your membership alive is as easy as pie, but depends on your membership level. Now, if life gets crazy and you need a breather, no sweat! Some memberships require a minimum order amount, and others don't. Cancel anytime! If you decide to come back for seconds in the future, just fill out another waitlist form and we'll save a seat for ya!

What happens if I can't pickup my order?

Sometimes people forget things or have unexpected emergencies. If Sundays from around 12-4pm just don't jive with your schedule, it's probably best not to place an order with us in the first place. But hey, we get it! Life happens. If you do end up ordering and then realize you can't swing by to pick it up, no worries! Just give your buddy or family member a ring and they can grab it for you, as long as they follow our trusty instructions.

In case you go MIA and don't bother to drop us a line when the pickup time is up, your order magically transforms into a generous donation and no refunds are possible - zero exceptions! We're pretty strict around here!

How should I transport and store my raw milk?

Listen up, do us a favor and bring a cooler along with some ice or ice packs when you swing by to collect your farm's finest treats. If you want that raw milk to last, you gotta tote it properly, ya know? Check that fridge of yours and make sure the kiddos aren't leaving the door wide open as they ponder their snacking choices. Stick with these expert tips and your milk will stick around for weeks, if you don't drink it before then, that is!

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