• Houston

    Provided by a host home in Lakeside Forest just south of Memorial near Briar Forest from approximately 12:00-4:00pm.

    All products available the first pickup of each month, all other pickups include raw cow's milk only.

  • Jersey Village

    Provided by a host home off of 290 and Jersey Dr from approximately 12:00-4:00pm.

    Raw cow's milk only available at this location.

  • Tomball

    Provided by a host home in a neighborhood off Mueschke and Hwy 99 from approximately 12:00-4:00pm.

    All products available the first pickup of each month, all other pickups include raw cow's milk only.

  • Cypress

    Provided by a location off Grant and Telge from approximately 12:00-4:00pm.

    Raw cow's milk only available at this location, there is a stocked farm store that you can shop from when you pickup!

Membership Details - please read through before applying for membership:

When and where do members pick up there items?

Depending on which location you sign up for, you will be sent a restock email every other Monday. This email will welcome you to place your order between that day and Wednesday for pickup on the following Sunday.

Our Houston and Tomball locations are conveniently provided by what we like to call 'host homes'. These host homes are the driveways or porches of amazing people who have generously offered them for you to collect your goodies from.

The Cypress location is hosted by Season's Harvest Cafe. Their restaurant and farm are closed on pickup days, but their stocked farm store, Seed Sowers, is open for you to shop when you collect your items!

We've got a schedule to stick to. You gotta come and grab your orders during the specific times we mentioned above, no messing around. If you're not on time and don't pick up your goods by the cutoff, we'll be passing them along to those who need 'em more than you. Sorry, no refunds if ya miss out!

In the event that our driver happens to be ahead of schedule, we will promptly inform our members that they have the option to pick up their items slightly earlier than originally planned. It is important to note that the cut-off time remains unchanged.

The specific location for pickup will only be disclosed to our valued members who are actively engaged with us on the day of pickup. We will personally notify them through both text and email.

What happens if I can't pickup my order?

Sometimes people forget things or have unexpected emergencies. If the time frames listed above just don't jive with your schedule, it's probably best not to place an order with us in the first place. But hey, we get it! Life happens. If you do end up ordering and then realize you can't swing by to pick it up, no worries! Just give your buddy or family member a ring and they can grab it for you, as long as they follow our trusty instructions.

In case you go MIA and don't bother to drop us a line when the pickup time is up, your order magically transforms into a generous donation and no refunds are possible - zero exceptions! We're pretty strict around here!

Are there any 'rules' to follow when picking up my order?

We're glad you asked, yes. Our hosts kindly allow us to use their space for pickup purposes. It's essential that we always respect their wishes. Once you become a member, we will send you specific instructions for your pickup location. We kindly ask that you carefully read and adhere to these instructions in order to show your respect. Remember, if we fail to respect their wishes, we risk losing our pickup locations!

In all locations, customers are obliged to initial on our provided clipboard sign-off sheet as a signal that their order has been collected.

How do I place my order?

Products are replenished every Monday, and an email is sent to all active members as a notification to place their order. Kindly refrain from placing your order unless you have received and dutifully gone through this restock email. Additionally, on Wednesdays, all members are sent a reminder text to place their order.

Simply follow the instructions in your restock email to place your order(s).

To make sure we got your order, just take a peek in your email for an order confirmation. If you don't spot it, your order probably didn't make it and we don't have it.

How often do I have to order?

Being part of the crew means keeping that membership active. And to do that, all you gotta do is place at least one order each month (according to the order date, not when it's time to pick it up). No worries if life gets a little crazy sometimes. We've got your back with one free pass per year. So if you need a breather, just give us a shout and we'll save your spot! We hate making people linger on our waitlist, so this system really comes to the rescue!

What if I forget to place my order?

We make every effort to avoid this through friendly reminders sent via email and text, but sometimes it still happens.

If you haven't ordered your milk and it's Thursday or later during your order week, we keep milk stocked until Friday if we haven't reached our limit. Milk listing will say "All claimed!" if it's all been spoken for.

On Friday evenings, we initiate the process of preparing pickup printouts and notes for our driver, etc. which cannot be modified. Additionally, please note that you will not be able to order any other products after Wednesday, as the farmers need sufficient time to prepare them for you.

In the event that we still have any un-purchased gallons of milk by Friday evening, we will plan to gather them on Sunday with all pre-ordered milk and make them available for pick up at our home in Hockley throughout the following week. Please note that this is not a regular offering, so please don't depend on it!

What if an unforeseen event prevents me from picking up my order?

Maintaining open lines of communication is essential in situations like these. We understand that unexpected things can arise, and we are here to offer assistance. If you experience an emergency, please contact us promptly, and we will make every effort to accommodate your pickup needs. Additionally, we kindly request that you try your best to arrange for someone else to retrieve your items during our regular pickup times whenever feasible.

How are products cared for and transported to pickup locations?

When the time comes to procure your coveted raw milk, we ensure that the process is nothing short of refined. The first step involves delicately withdrawing the raw milk from a spacious walk-in cooler at the dairy. Subsequently, it is meticulously transferred to an expansive ice chest situated on a flatbed trailer - rest assured, our collection of ice chests is truly exceptional. To further preserve its pristine state, the milk is graced with a final layer of fresh ice and sealed securely. Without delay, these artfully assembled coolers embark on their journey from the dairy to the designated pickup location(s), where they eagerly await your arrival on the designated date and time.

We eagerly anticipate the arrival of the fabulous Dapper Goat Dairy products each pickup week. Just before Sunday pickups, they magically appear on Friday, chilling out in the refrigerator until it's time to hit the road. When that day arrives, they cozy up to their milk buddies in a cooler filled with ice packs, ready to embark on their delivery journey!

If it's a pickup week, we love to swing by Whitehurst Farm and snag your orders of their eggs, produce, and meat in the morning before making the deliveries. We handle them with care, leaving them with you exactly how they pack 'em. If you have placed a Whitehurst order, please pickup your order as early as possible as frozen meat may thaw/produce may wilt and is not kept in coolers, unless possible.

Do you have any other items available for purchase, like cream or bread?

We are always looking for ways to provide incredible products for you. At this time, cream isn't offered consistently enough by Stryk Dairy for us to offer it on a regular basis. If it's available, we simply offer it as an add-on during pickup (we'll put a sign up in this event).

Fresh sourdough bread is something we used to offer, but with a baby in the house plus three other kiddos, it's tough to make that feasible right now.

When we have additional items available, active members are the first to know!

If you know a farmer/small business owner (or are one yourself) that would align with us, send them to our website to fill out the Farmer Partnership form!

I'm new to raw dairy products, etc. Where do I learn more about it?

We love to share knowledge about this super food with those wanting to learn! While we slowly add helpful information to this website via our resource and recipes vaults, we highly recommend the following resources to learn more about raw dairy and much more:

How should I transport and store my raw dairy?

  • For optimal transportation of your milk to the refrigerator, we advise to have a cooler and ice packs on hand to maintain the proper temperature
  • To help maintain the freshness and quality of the milk, consider transferring milk from plastic jugs to tightly sealed glass jars
  • Store milk in a refrigerator at temps 39 degrees and below, too cold will freeze your milk & too warm will sour milk quicker
  • Position the milk at the back of your fridge for maximum coolness upon door opening (avoid storing it in the doors, especially) & minimize the frequency of door openings
  • Proper milk storage involves avoiding leaving gallons out at room temperature, we recommended you place unused milk directly back into the refrigerator if it is not being used
  • To freeze milk, leave room for expansion to prevent jugs or jars from exploding; thawed milk may separate but it freezes relatively well; remember fresh is best!
  • Don't chuck that funky milk! If it's only slightly soured, whip up some delightful baked goods or add it to your cooking for a tangy twist. But beware, if it's overly soured, it might not tickle your taste buds. Remember though, raw milk never truly spoils; it simply becomes a bit puckery. You can even share it with your four-legged pals or give your plants a thirst-quenching treat by watering them with some diluted milk.

We have found that when properly stored, this milk can last for up to 6 weeks. Following the above instructions should ensure that your milk lasts for at least 2 weeks.

What do I need to do to remain an active member?

If you do the following, you'll be good to go:

  1. Pay your dues. (Just kidding, membership is FREE!)
  2. Read current restock email updates BEFORE placing your order each pickup week.
  3. Pick up your order within the provided time frame. Set your own reminder if the email and texts are not reminder enough for you.
  4. Place at least one order in any given calendar month. Contact us if you need to use your yearly courtesy month pass.
  5. Confirm you are receiving text notifications and emails. Notify us ASAP if you are not receiving communications as an active member.
  6. Remember to log-in to your account to place your order, checking out as a guest or with a different email address will result in your order being refunded if we don't recognize you as an active member.
  7. Place ONE order per pickup period. Contact us if you need to change your existing order, please don't place more than one order as it confuses our records.
  8. Follow our instructions and host home requests.

It's that easy!

What's the story behind Nourished Market?

Our family has embraced the power of raw dairy for over a decade, seeking it out from diverse sources. We have savored its creamy goodness during our time in California and continue to do so here in the heart of Texas!

Prior to ceasing operations, Matt from Farm to Home used to deliver our raw milk from Stryk Dairy. Subsequently, we established a raw milk co-op that initially centered around milk alone. Nonetheless, our waitlist swiftly multiplied and surpassed 100 individuals, leading us to diversify our product range and locations by incorporating offerings from other farmers.

We are thrilled to provide these amazing products to our local community while supporting the hardworking farmers who produce them.

When she's not juggling her four kids' homeschooling and keeping her homestead functioning like a well-oiled machine, Nicole is the mastermind behind our website and communications. Whenever you reach out to us, chances are it's Nicole who will respond (if she manages to find a spare moment, that is)!

When he's not busy scheduling pipelines in downtown Houston, Craig takes on the role of our delivery extraordinaire. Starting in January 2024, we're looking to expand our team with a new delivery driver. Craig will still be making one delivery every month, while the rest will be handled by our hired delivery dynamo!

As a husband and wife team, Craig and Nicole keep this running like a well-oiled machine.

Without our hosts and customers, we would not be able to achieve all that we do! They are the very foundation that enables our success. We are a small, family-run business and deeply grateful for your unwavering support!

  • Raw Cow's Milk


  • Raw Goat's Milk

    $14/half gallon

  • Pastured Chicken Eggs


  • Pastured Chicken Eggs


  • Produce Bundles


  • Goat Cheese


  • Buttermilk Starter


  • Sourdough Starter


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