Who We Are

Born out of a need to provide our own family with farm fresh goods, Nourished Market strives to connect local farmers to our shared community by bringing the farm to your home.

Bridging the Gap

Farmers work tirelessly to provide people with something we all need, nourishment. Not all farms are operating in the same ways, and many (like the ones we support) are fighting tooth and nail against more than we realize to provide you and I with the best nature has to offer.

As a family, we have spent the last 10 years purchasing things like raw milk and pasture-raised meats from local farmers to provide our own family with the nourishment we believe is best for us. There's a huge difference in store-bought and getting it straight from the source when the source is doing it right.

Community Impact

We prioritize sourcing products from farmers who avoid pesticides, unnecessary medications, and typically are farming regeneratively. This is all specifc to each farm we partner with, and they all have their differences.

What they have in common, though, is striving tirelessly to provide their community with the best.

Beyond Local

What we can't find local to Texas, we 'cross the fence' to source from other American-owned companies who are also working hard to provide folks with nourishing options.

We currently partner with Sierra Nevada Cheese Co., Fatworks, and more.


Our Team

Fulltime Pipeline Scheduler
Mr. Fix It
Delivery Driver
Fulltime Homemaker
Student Midwife
Customer Service
Website Maintenence
Delivery Driver
We're hiring! We're on the search for the perfect person to fulfill this role. With Craig working full time, it's just too much! Find out more and apply here.

From our Family, to Yours

We take great pride in being a part of your family's wellness and lifestyle. With our own experience as a homeschooling family of six and full-time work loads, we truly understand the demands of our busy world. Our pickup service aims to simplify the process of filling your pantry and refrigerator with farm fresh goods that support a healthy life.