chicken bone broth recipe

Chicken Bone Broth

Making an obscene amount of bone broth at one time keeps me sane. You can usually find me making our dinners from scratch, often doubling or quadrupling meals to feed our large family of 6 or so I can freeze the other half of a meal for an easy night another time.

Freezing my bone broth correctly makes a huge difference for me. I discovered my Food Saver isn't only handy when I need all of the air taken out of a freezer bag. It actually works fantastic to make quart-sized bags of broth to freeze, too! The best part? It freezes flat for a great use of space in our deep-freezer. It thaws quickly, too.

It's easier than it sounds, and using the pre-made quart bags is my favorite way to quickly get this job done. Either wait until your broth has cooled enough to handle, or stick your strained bowls in the fridge overnight before you bag it.

When you're ready to bag your homemade chicken bone broth, grab a 4-cup measuring cup and a ladle and be prepared to be amazed! Write the details (like date and "chicken broth") on your bags, and begin by filling your first bag with 4 cups (1 quart) of broth. Using a measuring cup makes the least amount of mess here, so be sure to use one if you've got it! Grip your bag tightly with your opposite hand, and pour contents into the bag.

Next, carefully lay the bag down while contuing to hold the open top half that you are going to lay flat onto your heat bar on your Food Saver. Remember DO NOT press "vacuum seal" and ONLY press "seal" (I like to click "liquid" on mine, just in case that's important). Be careful to get as many air pockets out of the bag before you do this step. Your bag will seal and it's ready to be laid flat to freeze!

Once your bags are all frozen, you can rearrange them in your freezer stacked however you prefer since they are all uniform and ready to be organized! We hope this is helpful to you and your family, let us know in the comments if you have a unique way you like to save food for later!

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