Green Fennel Soup

Green Fennel Soup

This healthy soup is the veggie-packed meal our entire family of all ages enjoys (very kiddo approved). Being one of the healthiest, nutrient-dense dish I feed my family, I’m glad it’s also absolutely delicious. You will never guess it’s loaded with greens, or contains something unusual in it like fennel. With a base of homemade bone broth, this is a great go-to soup. Especially if you’re feeling unwell or just want to boost your immune system!

Adapting this recipe from one I found by Kay Chun, I have been making it for years now, always slightly different from the original. Making a larger batch at a time allows me to have a stock of this in the freezer. I always make this using homemade chicken bone broth (or turkey broth, if I have it from the holidays). I have also tried various mixes of different greens over the years, it’s very versatile. My version of “Creamy Fennel & Greens Soup” goes by “Green Soup” by our kiddos.

Because we eat this soup on a regular basis, I especially love it when we need a “meatless” night. When we are fighting off an illness, it is especially handy. This is because it is so packed with nutrients from the greens and bone broth.

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Yum!! My kids haven’t tried it yet and I’m pretty sure my 4 year old is going to say something hilarious when he sees it… But my husband and I thought it was great. The seasonings are all perfect and I didn’t need to add anything else. The ratio of liquid to vegetables is perfect for a puréed soup. I made it simple and tossed in 2 lbs of frozen chopped collard greens and used frozen chopped spinach so I wouldn’t have to chop fresh greens. Served it with homemade artisan crusty bread (warmed and slathered in butter) made from 100% freshly milled hard red wheat.

Brittany Wrentz

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