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Cold Brew Concentrate

Cold Brew Concentrate

Unlike anything you will find on the shelves and brewed using a patented cold brew extraction process that yields an incredibly smooth and flavorful product. Katz uses filtered water with the precise mineral content to compliment the coffee and the brewing process. Katz recipe uses a higher percentage of coffee to water than the other products on the market, yielding more flavor into the final product and causing a taste profile that is richer, and more complex than the competition. Katz stands behind the quality of their product, tasting during each step of the process from the initial choice of the green beans, to the roasting of the beans, ensuring quality from start to finish.

Concentrate bottles can be diluted with water or a milk of your choice. Suggested dilution is with water/milk at a 1:1 ratio but you can adjust to your preference.

Often used in cocktails and baked goods, too!

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