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Beef Share Remaining Balance

Beef Share Remaining Balance

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Your choice of whole, half, or quarter share of grass-fed, organic grain-finished Angus/Wagyu. Deposits required to reserve your share. Your remaining balance will be invoiced to you after your deposit has been paid with a due date of Wednesday, July 24th.

Beef will be required to pickup either the evening of Sunday, July 28th or morning of Monday, July 29th. You must be flexible in availability between these hours. We will not be holding any meat orders as we simply do not have means to store it. If you need meat held longer, please contact us for possible arrangements (this will make your share pricier if so).

Whole shares will include a variety of the following listed cuts, including roughly 8 packages of tenderloin. Half shares will include roughly half of the listed cuts and roughly 3-4 packages of tenderloin due to the limitations on each steer of this particular cut. Quarter shares should expect 1-2 tenderloin for the reason just explained. Half and quarter shares will be split and may or may not include exact cuts from the list below to even out weight.

If you would like to have total control over splitting up a whole, please consider and feel free to have one person purchase a whole and split that as desired between you and others. Splitting up a whole cow will have to be done after picking up.

- ground
- burger patties
- ribeye
- tenderloin filet
- new york strip
- sirloin
- chuck roast
- arm roast
- stew meat
- brisket
- tri tip
- flank
- riblets
- liver
- bones

Please click here for a PDF of cuts for your convenience.

$6600 total cost
$2000 non-refundable* deposit
remaining $4600 due by Wednesday, July 24
(440lbs $15/lb)

$3438 total cost
$1000 non-refundable* deposit required
remaining $2438 due by Wednesday, July 24
(220lbs +/- about $15.63/lb)

$1788 total cost
$500 non-refundable* deposit required
remaining $1288 due by Wednesday, July 24
(110lbs +/- about $16.26/lb)

*Deposits are non-refundable, with the following exceptions:

  • deposits will be refunded for quarter or half shares only if we are unable to fulfill the other quarters or halves to make up one whole share
  • deposits will be refunded in the event an unforeseeable act of God or nature prevents us from being capable of picking up your share
  • deposits may be transferred to someone else in the event you change your mind about your share, we will attempt to help with this however it is your ultimate responsibility to find someone to transfer to

Any shares not picked up in the designated time frames provided above (no-call, no-shows) will forfeit their shares. Anyone unable to pick up shares in designated provided timing will be charged late pickup fees.