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More and more folks are realizing the benefits of going back to a time when milk was raw, animals grazed freely on pastures, and food was grown without chemicals.

The farmers who are preserving this way of raising animals and food production are fighting tirelessly to provide folks with this kind of nourishment, and they're up against a lot.

We aim to take the hard work out of it for both you and them by connecting the dots between our local farmers and you.

Joining as a member of Nourished Market means accessing the best nourishment Houston area has to offer, with some gaps filled in by other American-raised and produced items when we can't access the same thing here. When you purchase with us, you're supporting local farmers and a small family-owned business.

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Products Available to Members

When you become a member with us, you gain access to a number of items available to you. Some of the available items include fresh raw milk, pastured eggs, pasture-raised meats and broth, raw cheese, cultured butter, and much more.


When and where do members pick up their items?

We currently have four locations: Houston, Jersey Village, Cypress, and Tomball. Each location provides pickups every other Sunday from 12:00-4:00pm.

Can I place an order if I'm not a member?

Unfortunately not. We have an amazing system that works really well for us, our farmers, and our customers. In order to ensure a smooth process and to preserve what we do, we only accept orders from experienced raw milk drinkers who have completed our waitlist form and are welcomed as active members! Click here to find out more information about becoming a member.

I've never tried raw milk, what do you recommend for a newbie?

There's a first time for everything! Before filling out our waitlist form, please visit a reputable raw dairy farm (we are obviously biased to Stryk Jersey Farm) to have your first experience directly from the source. After doing so, if you'd like to access it through our service, feel free to fill out our form and we will be in touch. We provide this service for folks who have raw milk as a part of their family's regular diet and want to protect and preserve their access to it.

What if I can't pick up an order I have placed?

Sometimes people forget things or have unexpected emergencies. If Sundays from 12:00-4:00pm just don't jive with your schedule, it's probably best not to place an order with us in the first place. But hey, we get it! Life happens. If you do end up ordering and then realize you can't swing by to pick it up, no worries! Just give your buddy or family member a ring and they can grab it for you, as long as they follow our trusty instructions.

In case you go MIA and don't bother to drop us a line when the pickup time is up, your milk order magically transforms into a generous donation and no refunds are possible - zero exceptions! Other products left behind are refunded with a restock fee of 50% of the product cost. We're pretty strict around here!

How do you recommend I transport raw milk?

Listen up, do yourseld a favor and bring a cooler along with some ice or ice packs when you swing by to collect your farm's finest treats. If you want that raw milk to last, you gotta tote it properly, ya know? Check that your fridge temperature is 40 degrees F or below (and make sure the kiddos aren't leaving the door wide open as they ponder their snacking choices). Stick with these expert tips and your milk will stick around for weeks, if it's not drank before then, that is!

Is the raw cow's milk you provide A2?

Technically it's A2A2, but yes. Please see this product listing for more information.

Chicken Bone Broth

Making an obscene amount of bone broth at one time keeps me sane...

Bone Broth Mac & Cheese

The only mac n cheese I make for my kids...

Beef Bone Broth

My personal favorite, the ultimate bone broth recipe is the one you'd find me sipping...

Bulk Sourdough Sanwich Loaves

I've finally found my go-to recipe for a big batch of mouthwatering sourdough sandwich loaves...

"The raw milk has been a staple in my every diet and training. I drink it every night before bed to help me replenish and strengthen my muscles. I mix in some organic maple syrup, creatine and protein powered, if you blend it enough, you get a ice cream."

"We love the Raw milk and the ease of ordering and picking it up."

"The ordering process is super easy after your first order once you understand how it all works. I love knowing I’m giving by baby and toddler something nutritious and as close to nature as God intended."

"I have tried raw milk from multiple places. This raw milk is the sweetest and creamiest and best tasting out of them all by far. A lot have a gamy wild after taste this one doesn’t. And it lasts a long time in fridge. Great customer service as well."

"From the milk, to the pickups, to the customer service if I have questions, Nourished Market is top-notch. I am so thankful that I found them."

"Fresh, delicious and easy pick up. Sweet family owned company."


Ready to join us?

We recieve an average of 50 member requests and currently serve over 200 active members each month. We'd love to have you join us in paving the way for farmers and their consumers.

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